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Honduras | Gloria Ventura


flavor notes: chocolate, apricot, caramel

light-medium roast

10 oz, 2 LB and 5 LB available 

 Gloria Ventura cultivates her coffee on a 3.5 acre farm called El Rocodo. She partners with Catracha Coffee who has helped her learn to depulp, ferment, and dry her coffee. She is the mother of six children and proud of the improvements she continues to make on her farm.In addition to farming coffee, Gloria coordinates a group for the community radio station in Santa Elena and maintains several beehives.Learn more about Catracha Coffee!


  • Farm Name: El Recodo (the bend)

    Location: La Tejera, Santa Elena, Honduras

    Elevation: 1550m

    Size: 3.5 acres or 2 manzanas

    Varietal: Catuai 

    Learn more about Catracha Coffee!

  • Gloria's full name is Gloria Marina Ventura Argueta and she lives in Santa Elena, Honduras. Gloria and her family cultivate and care for 2,500 coffee plants on a 3.5 acre farm.  In recent years, Gloria has learned to de-pulp, ferment, and dry her coffee before selling to increase her family's earning potential and improve the quality of the coffee.  

    In addition to farming coffee, Gloria has several beehives that produce honey and she coordinates a group for the community radio station in Santa Elena. Gloria is a really positive person and people love working with her. 

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