Santiago Lopez Vasquez

dark chocolate, caramel syrup, and orange


  • Santiago Lopez Vasquez
  • Santiago Lopez Vasquez
  • Santiago Lopez Vasquez
  • Santiago Lopez Vasquez
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  • This is a delicious coffee sourced from a family-owned farm in collaboration with Catracha Coffee Company in the small and rural community of Santa Elena.  The Santa Elena region in the department of La Paz, Honduras shares it's southern border with El Salvador.  

    This Bourbon and Catui varietal is grown at an altitude of 1,500 meters.  For processing, this coffee is fully washed before being dried in the sun.

    Learn more about Catracha Coffee.  

  • Santiago López produced this micro-lot on a 10 acre farm called El Rancho. Through capacity building opportunities with Catracha Coffee, Santiago has increased yields and continuously improves the quality of his coffee.

    Santiago receives all the profits associated with the sale of his exported coffee, which is the main source of income for him, his wife, and five children.  Santiago also cultivates and harvests corn and bean.

    Learn more about Catracha Coffee


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