Café Especial de Santa Elena

milk chocolate, dark honey, brown sugar


  • Café Especial de Santa Elena
  • Café Especial de Santa Elena
  • Café Especial de Santa Elena
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  • This coffee is all about our love for the community of farmers in Santa Elena.  This coffee comes from our cherished partnership with CATRACHA COFFEE and is the espresso we serve at our coffee shop in San Francisco. For two consecutive harvests, we have purchased coffees from two farmers in Santa Elena, Honduras, Santiago Lopez and Atanacio Nolasco. Both farmers grow and process this excellent coffee on very small lots.

    This espresso blend we have carefully created consists of 63% of Atanacio and 37% of Santiago's coffee. The combination of these two coffees, grown just a few miles apart, offers a delicious chocolatey flavor with a sweetness of brown sugar.
  • Atanacio Nolasco and Santiago Lopez are both excellent coffee farmers focused on quality, sustainability and continuous improvement on their farms. We love being able to contribute to their farms, roast their coffee and share it with our customers. 


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