• Ethiopia | Nensebo Refisa
  • Ethiopia | Nensebo Refisa
  • Ethiopia | Nensebo Refisa
  • Ethiopia | Nensebo Refisa
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Ethiopia | Nensebo Refisa


Flavor Notes: dark stone fruit, floral honey, vanilla
light roast

10 oz, 2 LB and 5 LB available 

 3-19 Coffee is proud to celebrate its inaugural seasonal release with this magnificent lot! We love this coffee for its complexity that keeps us coming back. Like its Ethiopian counterparts, it builds on a foundation of fruitiness that strikes balance between natural sugars and a juicy mouthfeel. Underneath that raw deliciousness is a layer of rich, dark stone fruits that finishes with notes of vanilla and delicate florals.The Refisa washing station, in partnership with the exporter Snap Coffee, is at the heart of this limited offering, by providing access to higher paying, specialty markets and equipment otherwise not available to the small, independent farmers it exclusively sources from. This access, coupled with the expertise of Refisa’s farmer-members, elevates their product’s value, while improving consistency and succeeding in bringing a high-scoring cup to the table.


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