Honduras Santiago Lopez


flavor notes: dark chocolate, caramel, orange
light roast

10 oz, 2 LB and 5 LB available 

 In collaboration with Catracha Coffee, Santiago produced this coffee on a 10-acre micro-lot.  Santiago participates in monthly education seminars to improve his coffee quality and increase production capacity.  3-19 has partnered with Santiago for three straight years. This years crop is noticeably sweeter and tastier than last years, we are so excited about this coffee. Learn more about Catracha Coffee!


  • Process: Fully Washed/Sun-Dried

    Altitude: 1,500 Meters

    Varietal: Bourbon, Catui

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  • Santiago collaborates with Catracha Coffee to produce coffee on his 10-acre farm called El Rancho. Working with Catracha has enabled him to increase his farming capacity and yield over the years.

    3-19 Coffee has purchased his entire crop for four consecutive harvests; and the coffee continues to improve year over year. This is a beautiful sunset we enjoyed while visiting Santiago's farm in 2019. 

    Learn more about Catracha Coffee!


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