our story


We love coffee at 3-19 and how coffee gathers people together. Good coffee compliments every situation. Like every individual, every coffee cherry, harvest, roast and brew is completely unique. No harvest, roast or brew is the same as the one that came before it. Every coffee has a unique journey. Check out a new short film we created titled IMPACT.

Coffee Made Creative.

We connect artists with coffee lovers both near and far. We're building a community here and we hope you'll join us.  

Along with excellent coffee that is roasted to bring out the best of what each coffee has to offer, 3-19 Coffee brings you a feature in every purchase that is unlike any coffee experience. 

Follow us as we are out doing what we do. Connecting art and coffee in our communities.  This is what we're about.


3-19 Coffee started out of a passion for purpose, people, and delicious coffee. We're committed to the coffee, how we get it and the way it's roasted. We highlight and bring out the best flavors in each coffee.  

We are building relationships at the farm level and seek to validate that what we're doing is helping, not hurting, those that make coffee possible.

For you, this means knowing where your coffee is coming from and who it is supporting. And, of course, being able to enjoy every cup!


"You're not going to master your life in one day.  Just relax and brew some coffee.  Master the day.  Then just keep doing that everyday."

3-19 Coffee

The perfect gift!