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Perfect for a gift, or to stock up a bit. 3-19 Coffee's blends are not only named after incredible, famous artists like Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso, but they reflect our awesome teams' ability to develop complex and delicious blends with our single-origin coffees that we source. Each blend is unique and stands on it's own!
The Dali Blend is a Dark Roast blend and our most recent blend release in 2020. The Dali Blend carries flavor notes of Toasted Marshmallow, Brown Sugar and Bakers Chocolate. The Frida Blend is a Medium Roast blend and serves as our house drip coffee. This is our go-to house blend, perfect for any brew method. The flavors are smooth, full and holds a sweet finish. This is a blend that can stand on its own or is great with milk.The Picasso Blend is a Medium Roast blend that is characterized by its pronounced fruit and sweet chocolate notes make for a coffee that is uniquely complex, yet roasted to be beautifully balanced. You'll find flavor notes of Berry, Citrus and Tangerine. 



3-19 Coffee's creative packaging is an awesome gift to share with someone special!


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