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Shoulder to Shoulder

 3-19 Coffee is proud to promote the great mission and work of Shoulder to ShoulderA Dayton-based non-profit, Shoulder to Shoulder has been engaged in community development work in Honduras for 30 years. Programs include medical, dental, nutrition, education, clean water, and community development. A recent project is: “Hens Hatching Hope: Un Huevo Cada Dia.” Children in Intibucá, Honduras suffer from malnutrition, stunting, and anemia. Eating an egg a day has been shown to be very beneficial. StS supports local women-run small farms who provide eggs to local children 6 months to 2 years of age.
3-19 Coffee is committed to social good initiatives through our responsibly sourced and roasted coffee. A portion of this sale goes to organizations that we believe are making an impact in communities near and far.

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