3-19 Coffee Roastery

Just east of downtown Oakland is 3-19’s home away from home, the roastery. 10,000 square feet of warehouse is where our dedicated team meticulously roast, carefully pack and ship every bag each week for your home, grocer or local cafe.


3-19 shares its home with other independent roasters - both big and small. Roasting on a brand new 30kg Loring Kestrel, this state of the art machine allows us to digitally fine tune and adjust our roasts to the perfect level of craftsmanship. Our entire team, from production to barista, tests our menus each week using our in-house coffee lab to ensure its deliciousness reaches your cup.


3-19 Coffee Roastery
1024 9th Ave
Oakland, CA 94606
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Tues and Thu: 9a-4p


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