Where is 3-19 Coffee headquartered?
Where does the name 3-19 Coffee come from?
How long will my shipment take?
What kind of coffee roaster do you use?
When do you roast?
When will you ship my coffee?
What is 3-19 Coffee's sourcing philosophy?

We do our little thing with these coffee beans in Oakland, CA.

3-19's co-founders named the company after the shared birthdate of their partners, March 19th!

Most packages will ship USPS Priority Mail, 1-3 business days.

Say hey if you want to talk about any special shipment schedules for your order.

We roast in a Loring S35 Kestrel. Loring roasters reduce fuel costs by up to 80% compared to conventional roasters by eliminating smoke and odor during the roasting process without an external afterburner or filtration.

This reduction in fuel provides an equally dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Every Tuesday these beans are on the move, with the first batch dropping in the roaster around 9am PT.

order monday  → ship tuesday
order tuesday  → ship thursday
order wednesday  → ship thursday
order thursday  → ship tuesday
order friday  → ship tuesday
order saturday  → ship tuesday
order sunday  → ship tuesday

From the day we started 3-19 Coffee, our philosophy has been to ensure that we're supporting the coffee supply chain in a positive way, that we are a force for good.

We have personally met several of the coffee farmers that we source from - and have an understanding of the impact that paying a fair, market rate for their coffee can make on their family and their life.