Our Partnership with Lily's Ray of Hope

Artwork by Michelle Knight, now known as Lily Rose Lee, of a bird flying in front of a radiant sun. 

In keeping with 3-19 Coffee’s commitment to strengthen the communities in which we live, 3-19 Coffee is proud to announce our partnership with Michelle Knight, now known as Lily Rose Lee, and her foundation, Lily’s Ray of Hope. After 11 years of being held captive in a house in Cleveland, Lily continues to move forward with a fulfilling and inspiring life. Our entire team here at 3-19 Coffee is honored to partner with such an amazing woman whose resilience is second to none.


As a survivor, Lily Rose Lee hopes that by sharing her own journey she can empower and make a difference for others who have been through similar circumstances. This is the basis for her non-profit, Lily’s Ray of Hope. Lily's Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization (501c3 pending) dedicated to supporting and addressing the needs of women and young girls who have experienced physical and emotional abuse through domestic violence, human trafficking, and child abuse.



The Lily's Ray of Hope tin features Lily's artwork and the mission of her organization.  

During her time in captivity, Lily used art as a way to escape and focus on what freedom could bring. One of her most beautiful pieces is of a bird flying in front of the radiant sun. 3-19 Coffee has partnered with Lily’s Ray of Hope to showcase Lily’s artwork on coffee tins and raise money and awareness for her foundation.  


From each purchase of a Lily’s Ray of Hope tin, 3-19 Coffee will donate $10 to her non-profit.


Lily has inspired us to create a special coffee blend just for her that we feel captures the passion for life that Lily brings to every new day. The result is Lily’s Blend,  a bold new coffee that is smooth and balanced, composed of Central & South American coffees with sweet chocolatey notes. 


We look forward to serving as a vehicle through which Lily’s Ray of Hope can raise funds and in turn help at-risk women and young girls.


Purchase a Lily’s Ray of Hope coffee tin and support her cause here.

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