Our Mission

Our mission is to actively support the entire supply chain and community of coffee - starting with the coffee farmer and ending with you at home.  If you're enjoying our coffee, you're part of the supply chain as well. 

Coffee has a unique way of pulling people together.  Often times for the better.  For us, coffee provides a unique space to share, to create, to talk, and to be.  For us, we hope to inspire and impact others along our path in specialty coffee.  

In sharing our coffees with you, we pledge to continue to pass forward the generosity we've received in our relationship-coffee model - with farmers, exporters, importers, roasters, and others along the supply chain of coffee.  

There's a lot of love and labor being poured into the coffees we share with you.  It all starts with the farmer, the producer and cultivator of the coffee plant.  The harvester of the ripe coffee fruit.  The caretaker of plants that are cared for, season after season.  

If it starts with the farmer.  It all ends with you.  Coffee travels a very far distance to your kitchen and into your mug.  It's a journey we respect and are excited to share with you.  

Brew up some 3-19 coffee, and enjoy :)